Apple cider from around the world


Here at Eat Travel Live we love a good pint of apple cider. The refreshing drink can vary from toffee-sweet to almost wine like in its taste. But when there are so many different bottles to choose from, coming in from all over the world, how do you know which one will satisfy that cider craving?
Well we’ve done all the hard work for you, researching a huge variety of apple cider from around the world so you don’t have to! Here’s our guide to that most refreshing of drinks, including tips on what to expect from each country and a few of our favourite bottles.

What to See

sheppy's somersetSomerset Apple Cider

Drawing on generations of experience, Sheppy’s Somerset cider is quality to the core. Their family farm produces rich and juicy Somerset apples, renowned for making some of the cleanest cider going. Sheppy’s then carefully select the best apples from their orchard before even thinking about fermenting: if they don’t like the apple it won’t be going in the bottle!

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irish ciderIrish Apple Cider

Irish cider is some of the most diverse in the world, as there are so many varieties of apple that grow all over the Emerald Isle. We love MacIvors, a family cider company who have been in business for nearly 150 years. They have two varieties, medium and dry, both of which are made using totally natural ingredients. The resulting cider packs a really appley punch, something that can only be achieved from a good quality orchard. If you find yourself in Ireland this one is a must try!

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french ciderFrench Apple Cider

French cider comes in two varieties, Breton or Normandy, both of which are dry. The juice used to create these ciders is unsweetened for a tangy finish, which is then enhanced by stopping the fermentation process with a centrifuge. The fizzy quality and sharp flavour to this cider makes it a fantastic accompaniment to rich food, serve it up as a digestif with a fully loaded cheese board.

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canadian ciderCanadian Cider

Canadian cider is some of the most technical in the world, coming from orchards planted in rocky soil to produce very intense apples that have a slight citrus quality. The apples are picked at peak ripeness in autumn and stored at cold temperatures until December. They are then pressed and kept outside in freezing January weather, making a clear and crisp cider every time.

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rekorderlig swedish ciderSwedish Cider

Swedish cider has only gained popularity over the last few years and is best known for being blended with other fruits to make a positively tutti-frutti like drink. We still like the good old apple variety though, much sweeter than the other versions on our list, it is definitely to be enjoyed as a stand-alone beverage. Having said that, a few spoons of this in an apple crumble or tarte-tatin will give a lovely tang.

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