Alternative snow holidays

snow holidays

While we’re big fans of the traditional ski and board sports on the slopes, we’re also incredibly tempted by these adrenaline raising alternative winter snow holidays.

What to See

snow holidaysSki-Joëring

This winter sport is so crazy it needs to be seen to be believed. Ski-Joëring comes from the Norwegian word for ski driving, but it’s prevalent throughout the snow covered regions of the world. It is essentially when a rider ties themselves to a horse using a special harness, and is then pulled along on skis. You can even go over jumps and race in this fashion. Mad, but we love it.

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snow holidaysLillehammer Bobsled

Hurtle through the icy tunnels of the Olympic bobsled track at Lillehammer. A trip to Norway’s Hunderfossen Olympic Park will include training and trips on bob rafts with slower wooden runners and even the taxi bob, which is how the lycra clad Olympians do it. You can reach jowl wobbling speeds of up to 120km an hour. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time!

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snow holidaysParagliding in the Alps

There’s more than one way to throw yourself off a mountain and strapped to a parachute as you circle the skies like an eagle is probably one of the coolest. Launch yourself into the Alpine atmosphere, strapped of course to a trusty instructor. This is not an activity for the vertiginous however.

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snow holidaysPower on Ice

Petrol heads and thrill seekers get thee to northern Finland for the ultimate snow speed adventure. Bentley’s Power on Ice takes place from February to March in 2014 and gives drivers the chance to put the pedal to the metal over remote frozen lakes near the border with Russia. Driving instructors will give you the skills to drive through the toughest of conditions, taking bends at high speeds and drifting sideways. It is truly unique and truly exhilarating. Clarkson eat your heart out.

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snow holidaysSnowmobile in Canada

Make like you’re in a James Bond snow chase on a skidoo through Canada. Take a snowmobile trip through the pine forests and soak up the breath-taking winter landscape or try a night ride through the moonlit forest for an extra frisson of adventure.

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