Adrenaline New Zealand holiday

new zealand holiday

Due to its diverse terrain that runs the spectrum from beaches to glaciers within a few hours, New Zealand is home to myriad adrenaline-fuelled sports from caving to glacier hiking. Strap-in for our guide to the best New Zealand holiday for adventure.

What to See

new zealand holidayCaving

The subterranean world of New Zealand is a vast and complex hidden world waiting to be discovered. Whether you’d rather just wander a little way underground to stare in awe at the glow worms and stalactites or whether you want to don a head torch, harness and wetsuit to get truly immersed in narrow passes and water filled caves, New Zealand has the whole spectrum to be explored.

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new zealand holidaySky diving

One of the most adrenaline soaring, free-falling experiences you can have is throwing yourself out of a plane at 15,000 feet. It’s a personal challenge in overcome every natural urge you have in your body to preserve and stay on land, but once you’ve overcome these hurdles you’ll feel a sense of freedom and accomplishment that’s hard to manufacture on terra firma. And you’ll have a pretty spectacular view on the way down from New Zealand’s gorgeous natural tableau.

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new zealand holidayRafting

Hold onto your hard hats for an epic journey into the wilderness with a rafting trip to Ngaruroro River. With white water rafting expeditions here you can raft over 50 rapids, while during the quieter stretches enjoying the wildlife and fish in the fresh water. There are expeditions with varying degrees of intensity, so you can find a rafting trip to suit you danger level.

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adventure nzSky tower walk

Challenge your vertigo with a walk 192 metres above ground level. Auckland’s Sky Tower has a circular walkway that runs around the summit of the tower. Visitors can, with the assistance of harnesses attached to an overhead rail, walk around the very edge of the walkway. The views of Auckland and the sea that surrounds New Zealand’s most populous city are unsurpassed. You’ll get a complete rush leaning back over the edge.

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new zealand holidayGlacier Heli Hike

This dare-devil excursion begins with a helicopter ride to Fox Glacier, take in awe-inspiring views of the Narnia-esque landscape of the glacier from above. The helicopter takes you to a section of the glacier, which is not available to those on foot alone and then the hike begins through ice caves and arches with the help of a guide who will take you to the parts of the glacier where the most dynamic parts of the icefall.

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new zealand holidayCanyon Swing

This is one for those who really like to feel their heart thumping in their chest. The Canyon swing is 109m above Shotover River. You will swing like a pendulum between two cliffs, falling 60m below over the river. Once you are winched back to the platform you get to go again – if you dare!

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