Take 5….Tomato recipes with Sevtap Yüce

tomato recipes

We asked Sevtap Yüce, author of Turkish Meze to show us 5 ways to use tomatoes, one of her favourite ingredients.
“I love tomatoes, they are so yummy  and you can grow them yourself really easily.  If I don’t have tomatoes and a little bread and feta in the fridge I feel like I have nothing in the house. I love my tomatoes with eggs, pasta and just about with anything else. Like today, I will go into the garden at home pick some tomatoes, chillies, cucumber and a load of herbs and make a yummy sandwich for lunch.  They are awesome.”
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Fry roughly chopped tomatoes with sliced garlic, freshly ground pepper, a pinch of sea salt and lots of olive oil until tender. Serve with roast chicken.

Chop a mixture of tomatoes and sauté with chopped onion, olive oil, flat leaf parsley and green chillies. Crack in 2 eggs and cook until set, but still with a runny yolk. Serve with crusty bread

Slice lots of tomatoes and avocado. Pile high on toasted bread, crumble over some Bulgarian feta and sprinkle with flat leaf parsley and ground pepper.

Heat cherry tomatoes in a pan with olive oil until just soft. Make a quick salsa verde with herbs, capers, anchovies and lemon juice. Put the tomatoes on some lovely soft bread and top with the salsa verde.

Scoop out the centres of some large vine-ripened tomatoes. Fill with a mixture of fried lamb, cooked rice, fresh herbs, allspice and lots of salt and pepper. Bake in a hot oven and serve with garlic yogurt.

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