Recipes for 15 Minute Meals

15 minute meals

We all have those moments when impatience takes over and your hunger isn’t going to wait any longer. With a hectic schedule it can be difficult to plan ahead, and when those moments strike 15 minute meals are a godsend.
Here’s our choices for our top 10 recipes ready in 15 minutes.

What to See

15 minute meals Kedgeree

We love a hot bowl of kedgeree for a quick lunch, as it’s super filling and really healthy!

Read full recipe here

15 minute mealsThai Mussels

These sweet and fragrant mussels are perfect after a busy day with a cold glass of vino.

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsMa Po Tofu

Spicy, silky tofu steeped in a sticky sauce is a guaranteed quick hunger fix with tonnes of flavour.

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsKuzu Pirzola

These middle-eastern inspired lamb chops are seared in warming spices for a fantastic 15 minute meal.

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsChicken with Lemongrass

This flash fried chicken dish has a gorgeous fragrance from the lemongrass and lovely crispy edges on the meat.

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsGinger and Prawn Gyoza

These lovely crispy little pockets have sweet prawns and a delicious heat from the ginger, perfect for a quick snack.

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsSea Bass Ceviche

A wonderfully refreshing dish, this sea bass ceviche is full of wonderful citrus and soft cured fish.

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsFattoush

This lovely healthy salad is full of juicy veg but has a fantastic filling factor from the torn up flatbreads.

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsKisir

Bulgar wheat is a fantastic ingredient to use, as it soaks up seasoning really well, takes minutes to prepare and is really filling!

Read full recipe here 

15 minute mealsThai Pork Stir Fry

This delicious stir-fry packs a real kick which is calling out to be soaked up by a big pile of noodles or rice.

Read full recipe here 

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